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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


NX-series Temperature Control Unit


Optimize Control by Detecting Status Changes Easily Satisfy Both Productivity and Quality

Adapting to precise temperature control for semiconductor innovation

Maximize quality and production capacity by minimizing temperature fluctuations caused by routine disturbances

・The advanced packaging and high integration of semiconductors have made stringent temperature control a must; temperature variations caused by routine disturbance impact quality
・Wait time until temperature variations caused by routine disturbances stabilize hampers improvements in production capacity

Automatically suppresses temperature variations caused by routine disturbances

NX-HTC and NX-TC provide stable automatic control against foreseeable temperature variations, e.g. those caused by outside air infiltration when doors are opened and closed. NX-HTC and NX-TC contribute to quality improvement and help boost production capacity by reducing the wait time until temperature stabilization.

NX-TC Features 3

Helps boost production capacity

By suppressing temperature variations, reduces wait time until temperature stabilizes by up to 80%
*Data measured by OMRON

NX-TC Features 4

Disruption Suppression Feature minimizes temperature deviations

The Disturbance Suppression Function is a control function that automatically suppresses temperature variations that are expected to be caused by foreseeable disturbances. Trigger signals input to the temperature controller before these disturbances occur turn the function on, which adds to or subtracts from the manipulated variable (MV). Disturbance autotuning automatically adjusts the FF (feedforward) MV, FF operation time, and FF waiting time.

NX-TC Features 5

Adapting to changes in the production site environment and environmentally friendly materials

With previous temperature controllers, experience and intuition were key to making optimal adjustments when configuring commissioning settings or adjusting for changes, and therefore critical to achieving quality.
NX-TC captures changes in conditions that can impact quality, like a skilled worker would, to deliver automatic temperature control that constantly maintains optimal conditions.

Maintain quality product production that adapts to changes in workpieces, usage environments, and equipment

・Environment is different at equipment shipping destination and PID adjustments must be made again on-site
・PID adjustment needed for each workpiece type, and it makes changeover time-consuming

Automatically makes PID adjustments upon commissioning to reduce onerous adjustment work

NX-TC frees production sites from onerous commissioning and adjustment work. It captures changes in conditions that can impact quality, like a skilled worker would, and automatically makes PID adjustments to deliver temperature control that constantly maintains optimal conditions.

NX-TC Features 8

Automatically adjusts PID using the industry-first adaptive control technology*1

With the "adaptive control" incorporated into this product, the optimal PID value is calculated automatically for both the time of the start-up and for during stable production. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the temperature control status of the machine to automatically adjust the PID value to obtain the optimal temperature control in response to changes such as workpiece changes and machine changes.
*1 According to an investigation by OMRON of general-purpose temperature controllers for FA as of March 2017.

NX-TC Features 9
NX-TC Features 10

Maintains stable quality regardless of packaging material

・Sustainable/thinner packaging materials for reducing plastic use have narrower temperature control margins, leading to higher defect rates
・Temperature adjustments upon equipment startup and upon defect occurrence are extremely time-consuming

NX-TC enables stable automatic adjustment by measuring sealing surface temperatures and capturing variation characteristics

"Temperature sensors for packaging machines" to measure the temperature of the sealing surface
The temperature of the heating bar surface is measured accurately and there is no effect from factors causing temperature variations, such as the speed of the packaging machine and changes to the packaging materials.

NX-TC Features 12

"Automatic filter adjustment function" to suppress the instability in surface temperature measurements
By using the temperature sensor for packaging machines and the automatic filter adjustment function, it becomes possible to control the quality with the sealing temperature while also suppressing variation in the temperature with just a temperature controller, without relying on adjustments by workers.

NX-TC Features 13
NX-TC Features 14

Maximizes production capacity by suppressing temperature variations caused by changes in cooling water, etc.

・Increased productivity to respond to demand expansion related to infrastructure as a result of the economic development of the emerging nations and the transfer of production bases overseas.
・At higher speeds, adjustments by the workers become necessary to respond to temperature variations arising due to factors such as the materials compounding and cooling water
・It is difficult to achieve high speed production while also maintaining the quality

Temperature variations due to speed changes and changes in the status of machines are suppressed without adjustments by the workers.

On a water-cooled extrusion molding machine, increased speed leads to temperature variations due to various causes and it was previously necessary for the workers to repeatedly make valve adjustments to stabilize the quality. With the NX-TC, the water-cooling output adjustment function suppresses the temperature variations to a minimum and raises the production capacity with the quality maintained.

NX-TC Features 16