Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

TMS Series

In an era of rapid technological advancements, Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies have introduced their latest innovation – the Omron TM Collaborative Robot S Series. This new series of collaborative robots comes equipped with advanced hardware options and an array of expanded safety features and certifications.

The Omron TM S Series consists of four models, each tailored to suit specific applications with varying reach and payload capacities. ​ These robots are designed to offer unparalleled versatility for a wide range of industries, including environmental, mobility, digital devices, food and commodities, logistics, and medical.​

Omron Collaborative Robots cater to diverse applications, including:​

  • Machine Tending: Automating CNC machines, injection molding machines, and more.​
  • Assembly: Enhancing consistency in complex assembly tasks.​
  • Packaging: Inspecting and sorting products directly from conveyor belts.​
  • Mobile Manipulation: Combining robots with mobile units for transportation and picking operations.​
  • Pick and Place: Flexible and compact robots for high-mix, low-volume applications.​
  • Palletizing: Speeding up palletizing operations with various payload and reach options.​
  • Visual Inspection: Built-in high-resolution cameras for accurate part inspection.

Omron’s S Series robots offer an improved user experience with advanced hand guidance and a user-friendly teach pendant. Programming becomes a breeze with built-in hand guidance functionality, making complex tasks simpler. The robots also come with a hardware installation manual for ease of setup.​

Safety is a top priority with Omron’s 31 safety features, meeting ISO 13849-1, Cat.3, PL D, and ISO 10218-1 safety standards, certified by TUV Nord. UL/CSA certifications from SGS further attest to their commitment to safety.​

Embrace innovation without compromise.

Our TMS Series comes with extra safety features.

Up to 31 Safety Functions Certified by TÜV.

These safety functions comply with the latest version of ISO 10218-1, and are certified as PLd, Cat.3 according to ISO 13849-1, ensuring safety for all possible scenarios.

Worldwide Safety Certification

The S Series Collaborative Robots are UL and CSA certified for North America and CE certified for Europe, streamlining safety and reducing the need for additional safety PLCs, saving both cost and effort while simplifying safety assessments


Introducing the TM5S and TM7S, both regular payload cobots from the TM AI Cobot S series. Elevate your production efficiency and reduce cycle times across diverse tasks, including 3D bin picking, machine tending, boxing and packaging, pick & place, PCB handling, welding, palletizing, quality inspection, screw driving, and more. These versatile cobots are designed to optimize your production line with enhanced capabilities.



TM12S / TM14S

TM12S and TM14S are mid-range payload collaborative robot within the TM AI Cobot S series, is engineered to improve your production efficiency and trim down the cycle time of your manufacturing process. It boasts versatility, with applications spanning conveyor tracking, machine tending, welding, pick-and-place, boxing and packaging, palletizing, PCB handling, as well as tasks such as polishing, deburring, and more.




The TM25S, part of the TM AI Cobot S series, is a high-capacity collaborative robot. Elevate your production efficiency and minimize cycle times on your production line. With versatile applications, it is ideal for handling substantial pick-and-place tasks, machine tending, boxing and packaging, palletizing, welding and beyond.


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