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Advanced Motor Condition Monitoring Device


Implementing predictive maintenance with real-time condition monitoring of variable speed motors

Implementing predictive maintenance with real-time condition monitoring of variable speed motors, previously a difficult task.

K7DD enables condition monitoring while operating to assist scheduled maintenance

The K7DD advanced motor condition monitoring device makes it possible to identify failure modes and defect parts of motor equipment while rapidly translating power quality such as motor current and voltage into data. This enables scheduled maintenance activities with real-time condition monitoring of motors that frequently change speed, which were difficult to identify abnormalities so far. And simplified condition monitoring device parameter configuration process is contributed to understand K7DD installation efficiency quickly .

Key point ①

Digitalizing the senses of experienced maintenance resources to detect abnormalities before they happen

Production sites use not only induction motors, but also huge numbers of servo motors, with various failure modes arising from motor and load combinations, requiring measures that can comprehensively capture changes. The K7DD monitors the power quality of devices (current, voltage, etc.) to ascertain at an early stage any signs of abnormality, just like experienced maintenance resources used to do by relying on their senses. Condition monitoring can be performed in real-time without having to stop the production line and it is possible to switch to condition based maintenance. The K7DD also identifies diverse failure modes by capturing various features based on power quality data obtained from the devices.

Monitors servo motors and induction motors that frequently change speed

The K7DD is capable not only of monitoring the condition*1 of servo motor equipment that frequently changes speed, but also induction motors whose load changes during high-speed work movement. Condition monitoring of loads connected to motors is also possible.
*1 An interval where the frequency value is fixed will be required to ensure stable measurement.

K7DD Features 5

Applicable to various equipment

The K7DD supports motors running at variable speeds and with fluctuating loads, making it possible to monitor the condition of various loads connected to motors.

K7DD Features 6

A single K7DD device can identify multiple failure modes

A variety of factors may cause motor equipment failure. Configuration of the K7DD makes it possible to monitor these failure modes individually and suggest subsequent actions to be taken by maintenance staff depending on the condition.

K7DD Features 7

Implement various condition monitoring applications

From the current and voltage it has measured, the K7DD can calculate approximately 400 types of feature values and detect abnormalities possessing various facilities. The K7DD is ideal for use in scheduled maintenance of diverse equipment in factories and facilities.
*1 This value explores the correlation with changes in motor condition by operating the current and voltage data obtained
     from a motor's power line.

K7DD Features 8

High-quality component with built-in high-performance sensing

The K7DD advanced motor condition monitoring device features high-performance sensing to deliver new condition monitoring close to user-friendly maintenance. Condition monitoring of various motor equipment, including servo motors, has been achieved through high-speed processing.

Replicate analog values in real settings

K7DD Features 10

Processing without missing data

K7DD Features 11

High speed data collection

K7DD Features 12

Ascertaining every detail of motor equipment performance Monitor every detail of motor equipment condition

The K7DD samples 6 channels simultaneously at 2.5μs. By operating 3-phase power line current/voltage every 50 ms, it detects over 400 types of feature values. From these values, you can select the feature values you want to monitor and set thresholds for each feature value to monitor diverse failure modes of various production facilities and equipment.

K7DD Features 13

Logic Analysis that enables monitoring of condition changes in motor equipment by looking at power quality

Abnormalities in motor equipment (motors and their loads) can often be seen to affect the axis of revolution of a motor. Gaps between rotors & stator and torque fluctuation due to degradation appear as changes in current and voltage, leading to distorted motor current waveforms caused by uneven rotation that is unlike the smooth rotation seen in normal operation.

K7DD Features 14

What are harmonics?

Harmonics are frequency components in the order of a motor􏘧s fundamental frequency. By monitoring the size of components for each frequency of vibration that occurs in the motor or its load, it is possible to determine the failure mode or position of abnormality that has occurred in the equipment. The K7DD can operate up to the 63rd order harmonic at intervals of 0.5 order.

K7DD Features 15

Motor degradation progress/failure mode correspondence table

OMRON's condition monitoring devices for motor include the K6CM motor condition monitoring device and the K7GE-MG insulation resistance monitoring device. These application coverage and effects of these devices vary, so use the respective devices that are suited to your equipment and the applications you want to run. With the K7DD, you can select the effective feature values for each failure mode and failure part, enabling failure parts to be identified.

K7DD Features 16

Key point ②

Condition monitoring can be started with on-site self-contained solution

Using clouds, data servers, or other IT devices not only requires system-building skill and coordination with IT administrators, but also necessitates specialist installation work. The K7DD is a maintenance-site self-contained model, so there is no need to learn special skills, and it can be retrofitted with minimal installation workload. After installation, you can check abnormal conditions from the K7DD display screen.

On-site self-contained means no need for IT skills

IT skills are required for both company-internal and external network connections, and on-site implementation takes a long time because there are many related departments. The K7DD is capable of advanced processing in the device itself, therefore inspection of effects can be completed purely on-site.
Note: Condition Monitoring Configuration Tool software must be used in order to set up monitoring by failure mode.

K7DD Features 19

Retrofitting is simple due to easy to install current sensing clamp

Installing in equipment requires wiring and construction work, resulting in unavoidable impact on production. With the K7DD, wiring is completed within a control panel, so there is no need for installation work. of motor itself. This power line monitoring ensures that retrofitting can be performed with minimal impact on production.
Note: If voltage wiring is difficult, simpler inspection is also possible with single-phase current feature values.
         However, there will be few calculable feature values and the number of supported applications is limited.

K7DD Features 20

Useful for rapid on-site maintenance

Transistor output to notify of abnormality

The condition of the monitored motor is displayed on top panel by color-coding as green, yellow, or red. This shows the degree of abnormality and is helpful for visual inspection near the motor without any IT tool. “Warning” and “critical” conditions are also output, and notifications can be issued by transistor output for signal lights, etc.

K7DD Features 22

Confirmation and operation on-site with display screen and buttons

Various feature values and thresholds can be checked on-site for smooth decision-making regarding maintenance.

K7DD Features 23

Data can be accumulated as required

Built-in communication functions make it possible for data logging that mportant feature values at your preferred timing. (Condition Monitoring Configuration Tool software enable logging, monitoring and output to CSV files.)

K7DD Features 24

Key point ③

Reduces maintenance and inspection workload while delivering reliable results

50 ms arithmetic processing operation and calculation of more than 400 types of feature values are realized monitoring that is effective for various motor failure modes. However, the handling of these data requires extremely advanced data analysis skills. With the K7DD, these analyses are supported to enable rapid startup of scheduled equipment maintenance.

Highly accurate condition monitoring with abnormality replicate

If abnormalities in equipment can be easily replicated reproduced, effects can be inspected visually and quantitatively using Condition Monitoring Configuration Tool software.

K7DD Features 27

Note: The above-shown pictures might be different from the actual ones.

System configuration

K7DD Features 29

*1. Operation is verified with MOXA’s MGate MB3170.
Note: Condition Monitoring Configuration Tool software can be downloaded free of charge from

Condition monitoring can be started even if abnormalities cannot be replicated


If abnormalities cannot be replicated, it is difficult to set effective feature values and thresholds.

[K7DD] Drastic reduction of inspection workload with "App setup files"

Based on the knowledge it has accumulated through on-site inspections, OMRON provides files containing failure mode-specific feature values that are easy-to-effect and details of how to set thresholds. These can be downloaded from the OMRON website and installed to the K7DD device via Condition Monitoring Configuration Tool software.
Note: We will continue to expand our lineup of app files.

K7DD Features 32

Advanced analysis/condition based maintenance

Built-in function manages failure modes individually.
Linking regular maintenance results in the real and digital realms enables accumulation of maintenance knowledge. You can try various functions aimed at condition based maintenance, including extent of progress of abnormal conditions.

K7DD Features 33