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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Two-circuit Limit Switch


Two-circuit limit switches that can be selected to match the operating environment and application WL-N/Basic models, WLG/High-sensitivity and High-precision models

General-purpose Switches

A type with operation indicators for easily confirming operation is available

Indicates the operation status of the switches using LEDs and neon lamps.

WL-N / WLG Features 3

Selectable based on wiring specifications

WL-N / WLG Features 4

Environment-resistant Limit Switches

Select based on the operating temperature

Ambient operating temperature of 5°C to 120°C: Heat-resistant type (WL[]-TH-N/WL[]-TH)
Ambient operating temperature of -40°C to 40°C: Cold-resistant type (WL[]-TC-N/WL[]-TC)

Select based on the operating environment

Outdoor use: Weather-resistant type (WL[]-P1-N/WL[]-P1)
Chemicals and oils: Corrosion-resistant type (WL[]-RP-N/WL[]-RP)
Coolant drops and mist: Coolant-resistant type (WL[]-RP60-N/WL-RP60)
   Molded terminal 139 type (WL[]-139-N/WL[]-139)
   The SC connector can be removed, so it is possible to use flexible conduit for the cable.
Constant water drops and mist Molded terminal 140 type (WL[]-140-N/WL[]-140)
Constant water drops or splattering cutting powder
   Molded terminal 141 type (WL[]-141-N/WL[]-141)
   Molded terminal 145 type (WL[]-145-N/WL[]-145)

Spatter-prevention Switches

Structure designed for use in spattering environments from welding (Typical model: WLCA2-LDS-N)

WL-N / WLG Features 9

Long-life Switches

Mechanical structure featuring mechanical durability of more than 30 million operations (WLMCA2-N)

WL-N / WLG Features 11