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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


High-function General-purpose Inverters


Save energy and maximize performance with versatile inverter

Evolved Heritage

This high performance inverter offers the same usability as the previous model, which allows easy replacement.

Easy replacement

The RX2 Series with the same mounting dimension as the previous model will fit in the existing control panel or mounting location. In addition, the same setting software CX-Drive can be used for the RX2 Series. Parameter settings and programs used for the previous model can be easily converted and transferred to the RX2 Series.
Note: The depth of some models may vary.

3G3RX2 Features 2

Built-in EMC Filter

Built-in noise filters corresponding to the European EMC Directive IEC61800-3 2nd Environment Category C3 and UL Power Conversion Equipment/UL61800-5-1 will save external hardware and extra cost.

3G3RX2 Features 3

Usability Evolving

The RX2 Series delivers improved usability: more efficient, easier, and faster.

Easy setup and operation

The new full-color LCD operator, which replaced the previous 7-segment display, makes setup and operation more intuitive and easier. The parameter copy function of the operator allows you to quickly copy parameter settings to other RX2 Inverters.

3G3RX2 Features 5

Application customized

The RX2 Inverter can perform simple sequence control programmed using support software CX-Drive.
Crane control, tension control, and other large-scale processes that require fast control speeds can be configured without a PLC, optimizing costs.

3G3RX2 Features 6

In Constant Evolution

The RX2 Series continues to evolve, meeting ever-changing demands and helping improve productivity.

PM motor control

The RX2 Series can control permanent magnet motors (PM motors) as well as induction motors. Auto-tuning maximizes PM motor performance, helping save energy.

3G3RX2 Features 8

Safety embedded

The RX2 Series features Safe Torque Off (STO) as standard to meet your machine safety needs.

・STO according to IEC 61800-5-2:2016
・PLe and CAT 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015
・SIL3 according to IEC 61508:2010 and EN/IEC 62061:2012

3G3RX2 Features 9


The EtherCAT option is available. Connect the RX2 Inverters with the NX/NJ Machine Automation Controller to improve development and production productivity.

Both conf igurations are possible, s tandard and Ring topology.

3G3RX2 Features 10

Minimize time to market

One Integrated Development Environment Software.

・ One software to integrate
・ Work as a team
・ Integrated commissioning tools
・ Sysmac troubleshooter
・ Multiple configurations
・ Open Standards

3G3RX2 Features 11