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CompoNet is a global multi-vendor open network that achieves high-speed data communications.

Take a look at this overview of the entire CompoNet Series.

Master Unit and Master Board for CompoNet

Gateway units that connect CompoNet to other types of networks.

Digital I/O Slave Units for CompoNet provide a variety of blocks - including Screw Terminal Blocks, e-CON Connectors, Clamp Terminal Blocks, and blocks just 15 mm in width, the thinnest class in the industry.

Analog I/O Slave Units for CompoNet include vertical units with the industry's thinnest class width to help save space and units with numerical indicator to facilitate system start-up.

Temperature Input Units, Expansion Units, Logic Slaves, and Smart Slice

Bit Slave Units for CompoNet are exact fits for 2 and 4-point bit-level distribution, and IP54 dust-splash-proof models are also available.

Simple and Intelligent Repeater Units can make it easier to wire and extend the cable length of CompoNet networks.

A Communications Gateway that Connects Smart Sensors to CompoNet.

With Machine Automation Mentality. Fieldbus communications with optional unit. EtherCAT, CompoNet and DeviceNet.

Various types of cables and connectors are provided to facilitate wiring CompoNet by attaching connectors to units and communications cables.